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Vote what you think the best part is of a fine restaurant and see what others voted with our fine restaurant poll!

If you voted Appetizers

You voted appetizers and love to start your pallet off with the best of the course whether it be onion rings, nachos, wings, fried pickles, or other delicious hand food. Appetizers are super popular amongst restaurant fans and takeout lovers…

One of the most popular restaurants known for its fantastic appetizers (and yes they are limitless) is Olive Garden. Their unlimited soups, salad buffets, and baskets of crunchy breadsticks are award winning and we shar why in our article, here.

The article we have, Restaurant Recreations, includes recipes for you to recreate these fave appetizers in the own comfort of your home!

If you voted Entrees…

Voting entrees means you enjoy the main part of the meal typically consisting of something very meaty or carby! Entrees depend on their origins and locations but, are always meant to fulfill your taste buds the most.

Burgers are one of the most popular entrees and main dishes worldwide. We reviewed burger joints throughout the world to ensure your main entree is perfect wherever you are located. You can find the world’s best burgers, here.

If you voted Desserts

Since you have voted for desserts, you enjoy finishing off your dinner courses with something sweet and subtle or extravagantly delicious! Desserts are super popular amongst Americans and can come ooey gooey and melting warm or completely frozen. We love reviewing the best desserts around the globe. If you voted desserts and enjoy ginger you would enjoy our article by clicking, here.

The sweetest thing about desserts is the massive varieties it comes in, even healthy ones. We love desserts too especially ones that are keto-friendly. To read about keto cakes and learn how to make these healthy desserts click, here. Want to make a dessert charcuterie board? Click, here.

If you voted Sides

You voted sides and we know that doesn’t necessarily mean appetizers! You like the off-the-menu or hidden gems amongst the sorts including the crunchy fries, fried rice, and many other well-priced options. Side dishes add flare to your other meals and are perfect for incorporating that perfect mix of food from the food pyramid. Balance is important to us and see why, here.

Side dishes are sometimes even better than the main meal! They are typically between 3-8 dollars and can come cooked to any preference. Incorporate more flare to any meal with sides. Aside from physical sides, sides of condiments are also very popular. Hummus, chipotle sauce, gravy, queso, and buffalo chicken dip are just a few examples of how many options there truly is!

If you voted Drinks…

You voted drinks which means you enjoy a great beverage for every meal. Beverages always mix well with a meal and can even enhance it when paired (ex: wine). Drinks can come cold and chilled or warm and steamy. Based off their temp, they can also be a great addition to ice cream or a melted brownie. Adults can enjoy the cocktails restaurants and bars have to offer including some listed in our article, here.

Sip on the best, even foods! Smoothies are a great example and we have a multitude of recipes that can be found here. Many beverages are also available in any general store, coffee shop,  liquor store,or local grocery joint.


Thank you so much for participating in our poll and interacting with us! The Daily Fork’s journey can be followed, here.

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