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The Classic Hamburger

The hamburger is a favorite of many people all over the world. Hamburgers are defined as ground meat, usually beef although different types of meats may be used. The ground meat is combined with other ingredients, including salt and pepper to create a patty that can then be cooked by grilling or frying on a grill. Hamburgers are served on buns which often include sesame seeds for more texture and taste.

Although hamburgers are made in many different ways, the result is usually a savory meal that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. When they are served with condiments on top they may become more flavorful but this really just depends on personal taste preferences.

Hamburgers can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and even include the option to use vegetarian ingredients when making them.

Hamburgers are one food that you’ll surely want to chow down on when eating out at a restaurant.

They’re often easy to handle and come in a wide variety of options which allow you to choose what works best for your tastes at any given time.

Need some help finding where to try your next burger? Here are some of the best hamburgers in America.

New York

When New Yorkers think of hamburgers, they automatically picture the classic New York-style cheeseburger. New York is known for its large array of hamburgers that can be found all across New York City.

Typical garnishment includes lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and dill pickles; however, there are also many variations on toppings.

Many New Yorkers like to add ketchup or mustard (or both), but it is not uncommon for people to put mayonnaise on their burgers instead. Other topping options include bacon, mushrooms, and blue cheese dressing.

It is often more efficient and just as delicious-to go out to eat. New York has some of the best restaurants in the world that offer unique flavors or serve international favorites.

New York has two burger joints that continue to have infinite reservations and lines out the door. The two famous spots are DuMont Burger and Donovan’s Pub.

DuMont Burger has the city’s best burger–a charred half-pound patty planted on a brioche bun, with a goodly heap of infant lettuces, purple onions, and homemade pickles. This casual neighborhood brasserie serves local craft beers, noteworthy burgers, sandwiches & sides.

Donovan’s Pub is a longtime neighborhood hangout dishing up burgers & Irish-leaning pub fare like shepherd’s pie! Located in Queens, this pub offers lunch and dinner seven days a week with specials every day.

Orange County

Orange county has a massive population, and with that, comes a massive love for burgers.

Burger joints are known for serving burgers, fries, and shakes. Orange County is home to many great burger joints.

Shake Shack is famous for its burgers and milkshakes. They have a playful theme that emphasizes this with little games within the dining area. It’s very casual but offers high-quality food at low prices.

All these meals are delicious, so go to shake shack if you want a quick bite to eat on a budget.

The Habit Burger Grill is a family-owned fast-food chain restaurant serves mouthwatering burgers made from 100% fresh meat with no added hormones or antibiotics.

They also serve delectable hand-scooped ice cream shakes (made with real ice cream), thick malts (made with real milk and malt powder), hand-dipped chicken sandwiches, crispy and grilled sandwiches, salads made with real greens, chili, soups, fries, onion rings, and carrots.


Phoenix has been ranked as being one of the top cities in America for burger restaurants, with over 200 different kinds of hamburgers available. When it comes to Phoenix burgers, people from all around love to indulge themselves in a delicious burger.

Everyone is on the lookout for a good burger every once in a while. Phoenix large array of great restaurants ensures people will be able to enjoy an amazing hamburger no matter what. Wherever you are in Phoenix, you can find one near you easily.

There is a burger place for everyone and even an entirely vegan restaurant, now matter what hamburger lovers will find whatever they’re looking for.

According to Phoenix regulars, the best place is Delux Burger. For whenever your carnivorous instincts kick back in, the signature burger at this sleek, stylish bar and grill is calling your name.

Not only are they known for their hamburgers but, this joint also specializes in sushi. This burger joint prides itself on appealing to all night owls that are craving a gourmet twist on their typical burger.


Seattle is known for many things, including its proximity to water and mountains, large number of coffee bars on each block, great seafood restaurants that use fresh ingredients from the surrounding area of Puget Sound (most famous are mussels, salmon of almost any type of preparation you can think possible), and has a large number of burger joints scattered throughout the city.

Seattle burgers come in all different forms, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and savory flavors.

Seattle’s most famous burger comes from Dick’s Drive-in. It is the only restaurant where they actually have parking spots reserved specifically ordering food to eat in their small dining area. The burgers there are simple but tasty.

Another notable spot is in the heart of Capitol Hill. There is a small restaurant named Eltana Wood-Fired Bagels and Burgers.

They make some of the best burgers in Seattle. The meat they use is mostly made from local grass-fed beef while their buns are bakery fresh (they get them every morning from Macrina Bakery on 1st Ave). Even if you are not a big fan of burgers with bacon on it, this place has one that will change your mind on that subject entirely.

Another grill is McCoy’s Firehouse Bar & Grill. This place allows you to build-your-own and customize your burger however you would like. They also serve many other meals including pastas, seafoods and more.



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