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Take this poll and vote to see how often you consume coffee versus the average coffee connoisseur!

If you voted Daily

Love your caffeine or just simply love coffee (even decaf)? If you voted daily coffee drinker, you appreciate any blend whether that be light, medium, or a dark roast. Did you know that 150 million Americans consume coffee every day? We have articles for coffee-lovers like you!

Coffee drinkers are very common obviously so here are a few fun facts about avid coffee consumers like yourself:

  • 400 million coffee cups are consumed daily
  • Avid coffee drinkers typically consume 3 cups of coffee a day
  • The U.S has an 80 billion dollar coffee industry (one of the largest in the world)

If you voted Occasionally

Voting occasionally means you sip on coffee here and there and probably have your fair share of states that are extremely frequent.

Whether it is because you are weighing the pros and cons or aren’t what blend is right for you, we have an article that reviews the pros and cons of decaf coffee, the second most popular way of consuming it! Review the pros and cons here.

If you voted Several Times A Day

Like other people, you consume a lot of coffee… and you mean a lot! If you are an avid coffee drinker, it is safe to say you have dabbled in a variety of different coffee blends and roasts. Maybe you even have a Dunkin’ rewards or Starbucks card handy…

Coffee connoisseurs like you may even own a special Keurig or espresso machine. Here are some fun facts since you voted that you drink coffee several times a day:

  • The drink dates back to 800 A.D
  • Brazil grows the most coffee in the world
  • There are two main types: Arabica and Robusta

If you voted Never

You voted never which means, you most likely do not like coffee. Also, diets can be restrictive of coffee as well. The other best option is tea and if you aren’t a coffee fan, maybe you’re a tea fan! Tea also can come caffeinated, warmed or iced, and in many delicious varieties!

We understand your vote of never drinking coffee. Erase coffee and embrace tea! Our article discusses all the great benefits of teas, recipes, and remedies becoming a tea sipper brings forth! Review our article if you voted never or just simply enjoy tea, click here.


Thank you so much for participating in our poll and interacting with us! The Daily Fork’s journey can be followed, here.

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