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11 Best Teas To Drink To Quit Coffee

Nothing beats waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly made coffee. There is something about that rich, bitter scent that gets you up on your feet. Then the moment comes when that hot beverage hits your tongue and you are in total bliss. This sounds like heaven, right? 

Although this may be the case, there are those who choose to stop drinking coffee for their own reasons, but that doesn’t mean they have to go without drinking anything in the morning. In this article, we will be listing the 11 best tea alternatives to help you on the road to quitting coffee.

Why People Quit Drinking Coffee

Although it is true that coffee is an enjoyable hot drink to indulge in, this beverage also comes with a number of negatives. These negatives are what are encouraging people to say no to coffee. But what is it that makes coffee so bad?

In order to understand the issue, it is necessary to know what happens when we consume coffee. After the first 10 minutes of drinking coffee, caffeine goes into your bloodstream. Through this, your blood pressure will rise. After 20 minutes you will start to see the effects of the coffee – you are alert and have high concentration. By 30 minutes, your athletic ability will be improved. 

Then 12 hours later hits – this is when the body crashes. At this point, the body will be withdrawing from the caffeine and a person will only feel back to their bright and concentrated self once they have had another cup of coffee.

It is this continuous cycle and dependency that forces people to quit drinking coffee for good, but of course it is not easy to go cold turkey. That is why we have come up with a list of alternatives to help you manage your cravings and replace it with a healthier option.

1. Black Tea

One tea that is a great replacement for coffee is black tea. This is as easy to make as coffee (maybe easier!). All you need is an English Breakfast teabag and boiling hot water.

If you want to, add sugar or you can choose to have it without. This is a great way to gain a source of energy in the morning with a lesser amount of caffeine consumption. This will also leave you feeling warm and satisfied.

2. Chai Tea

Chai tea is another great alternative (and a favorite of ours!). With chai tea, you will be welcomed by an explosion of warm flavors such as ginger and nutmeg. This drink will both relax and energize you at the same time and have you ready for the day.

Its burst of spices will be enough to brighten your mood and is an ideal replacement for coffee, especially if you are looking for something with a powerful flavor.

3. Lapsang Souchong

Our third choice on the list is Lapsang Souchong, a perfect substitute to coffee. Just like coffee, this tea is rich in taste. It is also well known for its smoky pine flavor. Originating from China, this is a smooth tea you do not want to miss out on.

4. Green Tea

Green tea is a tea which is either loved or hated, but it is definitely something worth trying. Not only does it carry a fresh flavor, but it is great for the health of the body too. By replacing your coffee with green tea, you will see a great change in your overall energy.

5. Matcha Tea

Matcha is a tea similar to green tea but is instead powdered. Because of its high dose of caffeine, this is a suitable option for those trying to quit their coffee intake. Allow your mind to relax without feeling drowsy. Turn your macha into a creamy latte and explore its sweet, nutty flavors.

6. Liquorice Blend

This is an option which is completely caffeine-free and this may be enough to put a coffee-drinker off, however this is still well deserving to be on this list. Although caffeine-free, drinking a liquorice blend will work to naturally boost energy whilst reducing a person’s stress. Why get these results from coffee when you can get it naturally from this powerful blend.

7. Black Dragon

Another alternative to coffee is Black Dragon. Black Dragon comes from the Yunnan province of China and is unique for its tightly ballad form. When drinking this you will be met by an earthy, sweet flavor with a mild hint of cocoa, and these bursting flavors are a great replacement to coffee. Black Dragon will wake you up and have you feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

8. Chestnut Flavored Black Tea

Add a spin to the regular black tea and try this Chestnut Flavored Black Tea. Because of its richness, this is a great alternative for coffee-drinkers wanting to quit as it is a taste close to home.

9. London Fog

Enjoy a warm creamy latte throughout the day to keep you up and energized. London Fog is made with earl gray tea and is a great choice to have for those quitting coffee. If you are lucky, your latte may even be garnished with a touch of scented lavender, another way to brighten up your day.

10. Oolong Tea

Only true tea lovers know of Oolong Tea. With this tea, you will be amazed by its incredible flavor. You will taste an earthiness as well as a sweet fruity flavor. This is a tea you will not want to come back from and is a great alternative to coffee.

11. Organic China Green

Our final coffee alternative is the Organic China Green. This tea has a major reduction in caffeine yet still holds enough to give you the boost you need. This is perfect for those wanting to quit drinking coffee and you will find coping with quitting a lot easier.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about consuming too much of this – it is perfectly safe to have as much of this tea as you desire without feeling major negative effects.

Reasons To Quit Drinking Coffee

Still not ready to let go? Well, did you know that quitting coffee has a variety of benefits? It may be difficult to completely let go, however you will be benefited in the long run. If those lists of alternatives are not enough to convince you, maybe these benefits will do the job.

You Will Save Money

Coffee is not cheap, especially if you spend that money at a coffee shop every morning. By not drinking coffee anymore and replacing it with a tea alternative, you will be saving plenty.

You Will Have A Better Sleep

Coffee is notorious for keeping you awake (that is why many pull all-nighters fueled on pure coffee). Because of this, your quality of sleep will inevitably be affected. By removing your coffee intake from your life, however, you will notice an instant change in the way you sleep and your restfulness.

It Can Reduce Anxiety

It has been found that those who have removed coffee from their routine have seen a drastic change in their mental health. Caffeine contains lactic acid and this lactic acid can lead to anxiety. By quitting coffee, you will ultimately feel a shift in your emotional health for the better.

No More Tooth Decay And Staining

Just by simply drinking one cup of coffee, that is enough to make your teeth start to stain. After drinking coffee every day, you can only imagine the results of your teeth.

As well as this, if you are one to take sugar with your coffee you are at risk of tooth decay. Quit coffee altogether and allow your teeth to maintain its health and clean color.

You Will Feel Happier

The biggest benefit to quitting coffee is your increase in happiness and stability. When your body is filled with all this caffeine, you are more likely to grow stressed and you are overworking your body with that added energy.

Without coffee, you will find yourself feeling much happier. You will be calm, awake, and not having to rely on caffeine to function.

Final Thoughts

Addiction is difficult to handle, whether that be with the food you eat, the cigarettes you smoke, or the coffee you drink. People drink coffee every day because their body is telling them they need it to function. That is why the body goes through withdrawal when away from coffee for too long.

What coffee does is produce caffeine and it is the caffeine which is the most dangerous. So, to quit coffee for good it is necessary to come up with some alternatives. Above, we have listed some of the best tea alternatives to quit coffee, each varying from different blends to strength.

If you are someone who is struggling with quitting and wants a healthy alternative, turn to tea and see your entire self change for the better.

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