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What is TokyoTreat?

If you love to snack but find your go to options getting repetitive, TokyoTreat may be the perfect solution. This company puts together a delicious mix of Japanese treats every month and introduces you to a variety of new flavors.For August 2021, TokyoTreat released their Tropical Treats Box, which I had the pleasure of trying. The first impression of any food comes from its presentation, and right from the second I opened the cheery-orange box, my mouth was watering. I was greeted with a booklet resting on top of the snacks featuring an anime girl eating the foods I was about to try. If you’ve ever seen anime foods, you know the art style makes them look irresistible. The booklet had each snack’s English title as well as a brief description so that you always know what you’re trying despite any language barriers. Just remember to flip the book left to right! After reading through each description, it was time to dig in. This snack box perfectly encapsulates the feeling of summer with light munchies and refreshing fruit flavors.

For this review, I am going to split the contents of the box into two categories: the crunchy munchies, and the squishy snacks. One item that doesn’t fit into either category is the drink provided to wash it all down, Fanta Sumomo Plum.

The Drink

Unlike most sodas, the Fanta Sumomo Plum smells like fresh fruit. If you’ve ever picked your own fruit at a farm, you may find the smell nostalgic. The drink has a satisfying fizz which in intensity ranks somewhere between a sprite and flavored water. The taste is sweet yet not overwhelming.

I had to stop myself from gulping it down too quickly.

Fanta Sumomo Plum is perfectly suited to being a beach drink and in my opinion is best when cold. Pack a few of these in the cooler, and you’re golden. Now, onto the snacks! I love a good crunch. It’s the deciding factor in which quick bites become my favorites, and in that aspect, TokyoTreat blew my mind. I could have filmed an ASMR video while eating this box. Even more impressive, the treats were light and didn’t leave me feeling bogged down.

Crunchy Munchies

Let’s begin with the Pocky Coconut. Pocky, a chocolate coated pretzel stick, is a Japanese candy which gained popularity around the world. It is the perfect sharing snack and breaks with a satisfying, clean snap when bitten into. Perhaps you’ve tried classic Pocky before, but the coconut flavor elevates an already delicious snack. There are just enough coconut flakes sprinkled into the chocolate coating to have the flavors mix without one dominating the other. Other chocolatey treats included are the Shimi Choco Stick and a bag of Cocoa Bolo. The Shimi Choco Stick is an airy treat which will melt in your mouth after the initial bite. The crackle of biting into it reminded me of a Rice Krispy Treat, but it is much lighter and crumbles easily. I can see this becoming my cure to chocolate cravings.

The Cocoa Bolo has a stronger chocolate flavor. The snack consists of crunchy balls of chocolate and comes in a small bag for a taste of sweetness. It’s more intense flavor leaves you satisfied after a few bites, making the smaller packaging a perfect serving size. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the snack for you!

Moving on from sweet, TokyoTreat’s summer box has an array of different flavors from salty and savory to refreshing. The Sanaku Vegetable Crackers have become a favorite of mine. The crackers are shaped as cute, little triangles. They are lightly salted and buttery which pairs great with their vegetable flavoring. This cracker manages to capture the freshness of green veggies. If you love that fresh veggie flavor, Cabbage Taro is another green tasting treat. The chips are light as air with a dash of salt. I was surprised by how closely these chips replicated the taste of cabbage while still adding their own unique seasoning. These between meal bites will stave off hunger without leaving you sluggish, great for a quick bite on the go. With a similar texture but different flavoring are the Aji Cheese snacks. These light and fluffy bites are sure to delight. They are shaped like a corn chip and dusted in enough cheesy flavoring to delight your taste buds without being overwhelming or causing orange fingers.

But maybe you love a flavor blast with more intense, punchy treats. If that’s the case, these next two spicy snacks will take you for an adventure. Just make sure you have a drink nearby!

Mike Popcorn Japanese 7 Spice Blend was a delightful explosion of multiple flavors. The popcorn itself was fluffy and easy to toss into your mouth. Aji Japanese Curry Chips are less intense on the heat spectrum initially but have a warmth that shyly approaches. If you’re craving the taste of curry without being hungry enough for a meal.These chips will hit the spot.

Last but certainly not least on the crunch list are two snacks with refreshing tastes to cool you down on a hot, summer day.

KitKat Mango is an exciting take on a classic candy bar. Inside a large, eco-friendly paper bag are the individually packaged fun sized servings. The mango flavored chocolate is a soothing mellow yellow color. There is a refreshing cream inside along with the classic KitKat wafer we all love. I never thought a chocolate bar could taste juicy before trying this one. Umaibo Lemon is a crunchy treat with a similar texture to the Shimi Choco Stick. Umaibo comes in many flavors, but the summer exclusive lemon is a must try. It is tart without being acidic, and I would argue that this light treat has the best crunch out of the entire box. It’s as refreshing as a cold glass of lemonade!

tokyotreat box - what is inside?

Squishy Snacks

The craving for fluffy goodness has brought us cotton candy, pancakes, and now Mashro. Mashro is a chewy, Japanese marshmallow with an adorable mascot on the wrapper. Make sure you give it a few squishies for your own amusement before taking a bite of this sweet candy.

The Bananaman is another squishy Japanese candy with a marshmallow base, but with hidden layers. Inside the banana flavored marshmallow is a chocolate filling, and the entire candy is coated in a thin, frosted coating. It tastes like a bite sized chocolate banana smoothie!

For those of us that prefer sour over sweet, you haven’t been forgotten. This TokyoTreat box includes a Sour Soda Gummy. It is strong enough to be unarguably sour without inducing a scrunched up lemon face. It is coated in sugar to add extra texture and a touch of sweetness.

Mystery Items

For summer adventure, there are two mystery items in this box: a candy and a snack. My mystery snack was Koikeya Seaweed and Salt chips, and they were amazing! On every chip,
there were visible specs of seaweed and a touch of salt. The crispy texture made it all too easy to devour the entire bag. My mystery candy was grape flavored Happy Nikukyu which was born adorable and tasty! These little gummies are in the shape of kitten paws, complete with defined toe beans for you to press to your heart’s content before treating yourself to the refreshing grape taste.

In short, I highly recommend the Tropical Treats edition of TokyoTreat’s snack boxes.

TokyoTreat has two subscription plans: Premium and Classic.

The classic plan is $22.50 per month and comes with twelve Japanese snacks, and the premium plan $31.50 with seventeen snacks and a drink. I am looking forward to seeing what this company will come up with next month!

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