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What is the Misfits Market?

The Misfits Market is the new way to grocery shop, offering a massive array of products with great offers and an even better delivery! So if you are looking for a grocery service that is affordable and offers a great selection, look no further than Misfits Market.

This grocery service is perfect for those who are looking for quality food at a fraction of the cost. With Misfits Market, you can save up to 40% off your grocery bill each week! Aside from saving on your weekly grocery costs, memberships are also offered on Misfits Market for even greater deals.

Misfits Market is dedicated to breaking the cycle of food waste by working directly with farmers and food makers who share their commitment to providing the best possible product. This means that you can trust that the food you are getting from Misfits Market is of the highest quality.

Once you have arrived to their website, you are given the chance to spin their wheel of deals for an immediate discount on your first order. Their site consists of organic produce and sustainably sourced groceries of vegetables, meats, fruits, seafood, plant-based, pantry staples, and everything in between… even wine! I spun the wheel myself and scored the $7.50 discount on my first spin, I guess it’s the luck of the Irish!

Misfit’s Menu

Customers credit Misfit’s menu of quality meats and seafood the most! By having direct relationships with suppliers, their meats cost roughly 20-40% less than they do in stores! In addition, their animal-based proteins are raised without antibiotics or hormones!

From their free-range non-GMO chicken and 100% grass-fed beef to wild-caught Atlantic cod, they carry a variety of essential cuts, ground packs, and more so you can tackle even more of your weekly shopping list. Full of colors, full of nutrients, and full of quality, Misfits Market‘s menu will always be stocked with your favorites!

Constantly expanding the menu is important to Misfits Market. Creating a fuller assortment that’s inclusive of a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions helps even more people avoid trips to the grocery store and helps support sustainable suppliers of animal-based proteins!

Their exhaustive search for producers that meet high-quality standards and are committed to practices like humane treatment, regenerative agriculture, and other methods that cause less harm to the environment, remains their priority!

Misfits Market also offers full transparency with their menu, showing original and reduced costs at all times.

Misfits Market Delivery & Pricing

The majority of grocery stores around the world are for in-person shoppers but, ever since the pandemic, virtual shopping has become super popular!

So in the era of ordering food through apps and websites, many people have found themselves turning to food-based subscription boxes and delivery services for their weekly grocery needs! Misfits Market offers a variety of grocery boxes for its members ranging from sizes large and small, perfect for an individual or a family!



With the increasing demand for comfort and convenience food, these subscriptions have begun popping up as a way to deliver meals straight to your doorstep in an easy contactless manner. Prices of groceries have increased worldwide so it’s time to start considering alternatives that are not only cost-effective, but provide the same convenience of delivery straight to your doorstep. 

As mentioned above, prices are up to 40% off the prices found in stores, saving people on average $25.17 a week on grocery bills! Subscription boxes are great but, if you decide against them, there are no unnecessary obstacles! Misfits Market does not require any commitments and does not charge membership fees. Shoppers can stop or pause the service anytime they would like!

Many other services require a minimum subscription duration and mark up the prices of grocery delivery by giving you cheap repackaged items under the guise of fancy marketing. Misfits Market gives you the real deal at very competitive prices. 


Each package comes customized to your liking, with options of over 500+ produce, meat, seafood, dairy, and bakery items. You will not have to compromise or miss out on your favorite grocery items through this service. The convenience speaks for itself. These items can be sent straight to your front door starting at $30 per week.

Moreover, Misfits Market rescues foods in real-time, which means there are always new products for you to try. You can check off your weekly grocery list with organic produce and high-quality proteins, and discover new sustainable brands that you will love. 

Misfits Market takes in high-quality produce and grocery items that grocery stores would rather let go to waste and sends them directly to you at a fraction of the original cost. As supply chain issues wreak havoc on our nation’s food supply, it’s important to optimize what we have. Misfits Market makes this process easy for you, allowing you to help alleviate the burden of an ever-growing food crisis while alleviating the burden on your wallet.

Summary- Is Misfits Market Worth It?

In all, not only does Misfits Market provide a convenient and cost-effective way of getting your groceries each week, but it helps provide sustainability to an already damaged food system. Their selection is grand, and their deals cannot be found anywhere else on the web! I’ve been using Misfits Market for a few weeks now and I’m absolutely loving it. The food is fresh and delicious, and I love knowing that I’m supporting a sustainable company. Plus, the prices are unbeatable.

Their meats and seafood cost much less than they do in stores but, are even higher quality and fresher! Based off their cost-effectiveness and convenience, Misfits Market truly is worth it. They continue to fulfill their mission towards a brighter future for food production while fulfilling our plates with nutritious and sustainable foods!

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