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Congratulations, you are considered a savory snacker! There are various types of snackers. With a large variety of snacks, snacking preferences differ.

You are a savory snacker. There are many benefits that come from eating savory snacks!

There is evidence that supports the idea of savory snackers being better able to regulate their overall food intake than those who prefer the sweeter flavors.

Savory, or umami flavors may be more satiating than other types of food, leading to a reduction in total daily caloric intake.

In addition, savory snacks are linked to decreasing cardiovascular risk factors like hypertension or coronary artery calcification!

You can always be found reaching for things like cheese, chips, nuts, and other savory snacks rather than sugary treats. Unless there is nothing else to eat, you probably won’t eat chocolate or ice cream.

Savory snacks come in many popular flavors. The most popular flavors of savory snacksĀ  include:

  • Mustard Pretzels

  • Nachos

  • Chips &Queso

  • Barbecue Chips

  • Parmesan Bites

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