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25 Super Quick Snacks With 100 Calories or Less

Eating healthy can be tricky, especially between meals when you’re feeling hungry and need something to eat that is quick and easy.

In this article, I will cover 25 super quick snacks with 100 calories or less. So, next time you’re feeling hungry between meals, you have a few ideas in your back pocket!

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Strawberries are a crowd pleaser, and 1-cup serving of sliced strawberries is a great source of vitamin C with 97.6 mg per cup and about 3 g of fiber. In addition, these delicious red berries only contain approximately 53 calories.

2. Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the healthiest foods out there, and make a great mid-afternoon snack. Packed with antioxidants, one cup of these berries is packed with around 14.6 mg of vitamin C and roughly only 86 calories. They’re also easy to throw in a tupperware and take to work.

3. Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are a simple and no fuss snack, but they’re sure to keep you full! Boil up a few large eggs, pop them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat one, and you’ve got a delicious snack that contains 6.3 grams of protein and just 78 calories.

4. Oranges 

Oranges are the perfect simple snack to have as a pick-me-up when you’re feeling a bit peckish! This juicy fruit contains 82 mg of vitamin C and 4g of fiber, and contains only 72 calories. 

5. Oatmeal 

While you might associate oatmeal with breakfast, there’s nothing stopping you from eating it as a healthy snack! A ½-cup serving of oatmeal cooked in water packs 4g of protein and contains just 83 calories. This snack is sure to keep you full for the whole afternoon!

6. Handful of almonds

Almonds are an excellent snack and source of plant protein (5.8g) that helps you keep you full. However, a handful of almonds can be quite calorific. 1 ounce (a full handful) contains 172 calories, so you’ll need to keep your portion small to stay within the 100-calorie limit.

7. Baby carrots with dip

Baby carrots are an excellent snack to have on the go. 8 raw baby carrots contain only 42 calories that you can pair with a dip of your choice. A tablespoon of hummus contains only 30 calories, 1.5g of protein, and 1g of fiber to keep you full!

8. String cheese

String cheese is a simple snack to take in your work bag. One stick of mozzarella string cheese only contains 85 calories and 6.7 g of protein to keep you satisfied! 

9. Raw cucumber and pepper 

Raw veggies such as raw cucumber and pepper are the perfect snacks to prepare and take to work in tupperware. A sliced red bell pepper contains 30 calories and 1 gram of protein, while 1 cup of sliced cucumber contains just 16 calories! 

10. Fresh melon

Melon is a deliciously juicy snack that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Melons typically have between 45 and 60 calories per cup and you can mix up the types for more variation!

11. Popcorn 

Containing only 31 calories per cup, unbuttered air-popped popcorn is the perfect food to eat when you’re feeling snackish. 

12. Nonfat Greek Yogurt 

A ½-cup serving of Greek yogurt is a filling and satisfying snack when you find yourself feeling hungry. Not only is it delicious, but it contains 12.5 grams of protein and 136 mg of calcium.

13. Raisin bread 

Cinnamon raisin bread tastes like a delicious treat when it only contains 80 calories per slice! It also contains 4g of protein and 2g of fiber.

14. Dried cranberries 

A super quick snack is dried cranberries! These nuggets of goodness are packed full of antioxidants, but you’ll need to stick to ¼ cup of low/no sugar dried cranberries to stick under 100 calories.

15. Edamame

Edamame has become all the rage, and it’s easy to see why! A ⅓ cup serving contains only 75 calories.

16. Kale chips

Kale chips are a healthy snack that are super easy to make. Best of all, they are only 65 calories per serving!

Check out a recipe here

17. Celery and natural peanut butter

Celery and peanut butter is a delicious snack. At just 10 calories, celery is super healthy! Pair it with one and a half teaspoons of peanut butter coming in at 47 calories, and you’ve got yourself a tasty pairing.

18. Grapes 

A cup of grapes comes in at only 92 calories, and provides 0.8g of fiber. You can even freeze them for a cold treat!

19. Banana ‘nicecream’

Nicecream is a vegan take on icecream, and involves blending a ripe small frozen banana (90 calories) with a dash of almond milk to help whizz it up in a food processor. You won’t believe it’s not ice cream!

20. Energy balls

Homemade energy balls are delicious and come in at around 100 calories.

For homemade energy balls, simply pulse in a food processor:

  • 3/4 cup of almonds
  • 1 1/2 cup of dates
  • 1/4 cup of cashews
  • 1/4 cup of cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup of shredded
    unsweetened coconut
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

21. Vegetable soup

Veg soup is packed full of a tonne of goodness! A 1-cup serving of broth-based vegetable soup typically has fewer than 100 calories.

22. Kimchi 

Fermented vegetables, such as kimchi, is a great healthy snack to have. 1 ounce of kimchi contains 10 calories.

23. Beef jerky 

Beef jerky is a low-calorie, high-protein snack. A 1-ounce serving of beef jerky contains just 70 calories.

24. Mini frittata 

Mini frittatas are usually made with chopped vegetables, beaten eggs, and cheese. A standard mini frittata muffin recipe delivers around 100 calories per frittata depending on add-ins and can be a healthy snack!

25. Plums

A plum is another delicious fruit that you can easily pack and take to work with you. A plum contains just 76 calories, 2 grams of fiber, and 1 gram of protein. 

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