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Congratulations, you are considered a salty snacker! There are various types of snackers. With a large variety of snacks, snacking preferences differ.People who prefer salty snacks tend to like potato chips, popcorn, pretzels, and crackers.

Salty snacks are popular because they taste good. They also make great social food. When spending time with friends or family, salty foods like chips and salsa can be a lot of fun to eat together while watching movies or television shows. Salty foods can even be eaten during special celebrations like birthdays or holidays.

 So now that you know what kind of snacker are you, here are the pros and cons of eating salty foods.

The pros of eating salty snacks include socializing with friends over salt-tastic treats like chips and salsa; celebrating special occasions with loved ones by indulging in cheese puffs during movie night; and enjoying an after school snack while unwinding to watch some TV.

Eating salty snacks, like potato chips and pretzels, can cause health problems so it is important to eat the right amount of the salty treats. The cons of eating salty snacks might outweigh the pros, depending on how much you eat.

Problems salty snackers might face include are obesity, tooth decay, bloating, and high blood pressure.Even though you might enjoy the salty taste of chips or pretzels, remember to watch yourself with how much you are eating!

Here are some simple salty snack ideas for you:

  • Homemade Trail mix

  • Pickled Eggs

  • Air-popped or lite popcorn

  • Olives

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