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What are ‘Foodies’?

Foodies are always on the lookout for new and exciting restaurants to try. They want to explore all of the best food options that their city has to offer. Foodies post helpful recommendations, try out trends, explore new flavors, and more!

Foodies are often people who enjoy food as a hobby. They tend to be critical of food and service and love trying new things. Food reviewers go out to eat at restaurants for the purpose of providing their opinion on the restaurant’s food.

Foodie is a term used for a person who takes pleasure in consuming fine foods with an emphasis more on quality than quantity.

Foodies tend to have broader food tastes compared to mainstream consumers, embracing exotic or foreign cuisines that may not always follow traditional culinary style guidelines.

Different from gourmets, most foodies generally do not limit their focus on high-end restaurants and instead look towards smaller venues such as local eateries, food trucks, street vendors, and farmers’ markets.

Many foodies have a preference for organic and locally grown produce. Rather than focus on the caloric content of their meals, they tend to explore healthier options, often incorporating high-end ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, truffle oil, guacamole, and kale.

In this article, we will be exploring some of the best spots for foodies to visit.

Foodie Favorite Spots

If you’re a foodie, then you know that there’s no greater pleasure than exploring new restaurants and trying out different cuisines. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best spots for foodies to visit. Whether you’re looking for an upscale dining experience or something more casual, these restaurants serve some of the most famous dishes in the trendiest parts of town.

Foodies offer posts via social media pages with the best pictures to capture each bite.

So what are the hotspots for talented cooking and trendy aesthetics?

New York

First, we’ll start with a restaurant in New York City. Katz’s Deli is a famous spot for foodies to visit. They serve some of the best pastrami sandwiches and matzo ball soup in town!

This deli is iconic and a must-visit when exploring the city of New York. With its menu options and large portions, Katz’s Deli is sure to satisfy your cravings.


If you’re looking for something a little bit more exotic, then head over to Bangkok, Thailand. There, you’ll find the restaurant Thipsamai serving up some of the best Pad Thai in town. Be sure to order their signature dish – the frog leg Pad Thai!

Thipsamai’s Pad Thai – better known as Phad Thai Gung, features chunks of frog legs cooked in a sweet and tangy sauce. The flavors blend well together creating a perfect balance. And unlike most restaurants in Thailand that use preserved radish, Thipsamai uses fresh pickled turnip for added flavor.

Pad thai is served with lime wedges, sugar, crushed peanuts, and thinly sliced green onions on the side. Add these at your own risk though since like most traditional dishes in Thailand, it’s meant to be eaten mild.

When eating the Pad Thai, include toppings for more flavor and crunchy texture. At first, it might seem like too much, but once you take your first bite you’ll realize that this is something you won’t find anywhere else!


Next, we’ll head over to Paris, France. There, foodies can visit L’Auberge de la Goulere, a popular restaurant that serves up the best escargot in town. Be sure to order their signature dish – escargot with cream sauce!

For those of you who have had the pleasure or displeasure of eating snails, L’Auberge de la Goulere is the place to be. This restaurant serves up some of the best escargot around.

Listed as number one on TripAdvisor, diners across the world rave about L’Auberge’s escargot with cream sauce . For first-timers, this restaurant is a must-try.

Their signature dish is listed as L’escargot des vignerons et ses c√Ępres – Escargots delicately cooked in white wine and chopped parsley with tartare butter. This tasty starter comes with six fresh Bordeaux snails, served in the snail shell.

L’Auberge has a strict policy of not microwaving their food, so be sure to place your order in advance!


The French Laundry, one of the most famous eateries in the world, is an upscale restaurant located in Yountville, California. The restaurant was started by chef Thomas Keller and his wife Kathy. The couple opened The French Laundry on October 8th, 1994 .

The restaurant serves French cuisine with California influences. The menu changes every day based on what ingredients are available at the market. The interior decor consists of polished marble floors and simple grey walls with white crown molding. The simplicity of these areas makes the food stand out, and allows chefs to create art with food instead of just tablescapes.

This award-winning restaurant is known for its exquisite cuisine and world-class service. If you’re looking to impress your date or celebrate a special occasion, this is the place to go.

Chef Thomas Keller’s refined fixed-price meals continually draw food lovers to this stone farmhouse.

The aesthetic is rustic yet fine dining that is intimate and elegant.

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