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8 Must-Know Tips for Apple Picking Season

Apples are delicious fruits that you can grow from the comfort of your own garden. These fruits should be picked at the end of the summer period and the beginning of autumn, around September.

Apple picking can be an activity that the entire family can enjoy. Once your apples have been picked, they can be used to cook up a storm in your kitchen. To help you with your apple picking, we have chosen 8 top tips to make this season much easier.

Be Gentle 

Apples can be easily bruised. These apples will look less appetizing and may taste less good. In addition, they may not last as long as those that have not been bruised. To prevent this bruising from occurring, be gentle with your apples.

Stop them from falling onto the ground. When you pick them, do not toss them into your basket or bag. Instead, carefully place them into whatever container you are using. 

Do Not Shake

Though it can be extremely tempting to shake an apple from their vines, it is recommended that you resist this temptation. Shaking an apple tree will cause other apples to fall to the ground, potentially resulting in them becoming bruised.

As we explained above, you do not want to do this. Also, you will likely not want or require this many apples, meaning that they will be wasted. Instead, twist the apples gently with your hands. 

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

This is an apt metaphor for this situation. When you go apple picking, it is an excellent idea to go as early as you possibly can. This is particularly true if you are picking in an orchard. Going early will ensure that you can pick lots of great apples.

Doing so will mean that you will go when the orchard is less crowded. You should also try to go at the start of the apple picking season so that you can locate the ripest apples. Though waking your family up early can be hard work, we recommend that you try so that you get your pick of the best apples. 

Dress Sensibly 

Whether you are picking your apples in your garden or an orchard, it is important to dress for the weather. If the weather is warm, dress in short sleeve t-shirts and shorts. Sunscreen is a necessity for picking in the sun in order to protect your skin.

If the weather is colder, be sure to wear multiple layers of clothing, as well as gloves and a scarf. Meanwhile, if you are unfortunate to go apple picking when it is raining, we recommend wearing waterproof clothes with hoods. 

Use Your Apples In Baking 

Apples are great ingredients for baking. They can be used in several delicious recipes, inducing apple pie, apple crumble, toffee apples, apple sauce, and apple cake. Once you have acquired your apples, be sure to make some of these delectable recipes.

When doing this, one thing to consider is that different varieties of apples will be better suited to different recipes. As a result, it is worth remembering what types of apples you have picked and researching their flavors. 

Bring Bags 

Bring Bags 

You will need something to store your apples. As a result, we recommended bringing bags or baskets with you. Orchards may have bags available for you to use, but they may cost money. To save yourself money, bring your own bags. To be environmentally friendly, these bags should be reusable. 

Have A Picnic 

Orchards are ideal places to have picnics. If you are picking on a day with lovely weather, having a picnic will be really enjoyable. Plenty of delicious foods can be enjoyed at picnics, including bread, meats, and cheeses.

As a result, we suggest bringing a basket of food with you. This will be particularly effective if you get hungry midway through picking. This also gives you the opportunity to invite your friends and family, transforming this into a communal experience that everyone can enjoy!

Do Not Pick Off The Floor

Though it may be tempting, we do not advise picking apples that have fallen onto the floor. Because they have fallen to the ground, they are likely to be damaged or bruised. In addition, these apples can easily become homes for creepy crawlies. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Find An Apple Orchard

There are loads of apple orchards across the country. As a result, there will likely be one in your local area. To find an orchard, you can simply look online where you will be able to find orchard directories. 

Which Apples Should You Pick?

When picking apples, it is crucial that you find the best apples. You can tell an apple is ripe if it is quite easy to pick from the tree. If it is difficult to pick, the apple is likely not ready. Moreover, you can also tell if an apple is ready by looking at its color.

Of course, this will depend on the variety of apples. Look for healthy greens and reds in the skin of your apples. 

What Should You Do With Your Apples?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of mouth-watering recipes for you to make that involve apples. One of the most popular recipes is apple crumble. To make this recipe, peel and cut your apples. Season them with sugar. You can also add a little cinnamon here if you want some extra taste.

Next, evenly spread your apples into an ovenproof dish. Cover with a crumble mixture, which you can either buy from the shop or you can make yourself. Ensure that your crumble is flat. Cook in a preheated oven for approximately 30-40 minutes.

Once your crumble has been cooked, serve with cream or ice cream. Of course, if you are interested in making different apple-related bakes, there are plenty of options for you. 

When storing your apples, you should give them a wash after you have picked them. They will need to be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. In addition, you can also wrap your apples to ensure they last longer. 

Final Thoughts 

Apple picking can be a really enjoyable experience for the entire family. Thanks to these eight helpful tips, your apple picking season will be much more fun and smooth than ever before. 

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