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Healthy New Year’s Diet Ideas & Tips

Want to be inspired by 19 healthy new year’s diet ideas, to help start your year with success? Starting afresh is a wonderful feeling, and getting started with a new routine can feel motivating and liberating.

Try these inspiring diet tips, and feel empowered to accomplish your health and fitness goals as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

19 Healthy New Year's Diet Ideas


Remove Naughty Treats That Are Leftover From The Holiday Season

There’s nothing worse than trying to start afresh with temptations still lurking around. Clear the cupboards and purge the fridge of diet destroyers, and either throw them out or donate them to a homeless shelter. You’ll be helping out those in need, as well as yourself.

Try One New Recipe Every Week

We know those good intentions can be derailed with information overload. All those new recipe books you received for Christmas and those recipes you’ve found online aren’t going to be helpful if you’re worried about trying everything all at once.

Take one new recipe per week and enjoy the experience of expanding your culinary skills.

Choose Real Foods Over Liquid Meals

What’s a sure-fire way to prevent yourself from feeling hungry on a diet? Consume meals that need to be chewed, swallowed, and digested. Remove smoothies and protein shakes, and instead, opt for foods that are full of fiber and take longer to digest.

Follow The 1% Rule

Are you trying to do too much and are not getting anywhere? For this rule, make a 1% improvement to your diet every day. This could be as small as not having salad dressing with a salad, or choosing a low-calorie fruit snack instead of having a candy bar.

Reduce Fizzy Drink Intake

As we discussed in number 3, fizzy drinks are full of empty calories and play havoc with your blood sugar levels (sugar is good at making you feel tired, and then making you want more sugar to feel less tired!) Opt for a green tea, herbal tea, or a good old-fashioned glass of water.

Drink Plenty Of Water

We advocate drinking plenty of water throughout the day, as poor hydration can wreak havoc with your hunger levels. If you think you’re hungry, you might just be thirsty. Try to drink a big glass of water with every meal and gulp one down first thing in the morning.

Focus On The Foods You Can Eat

Approaching a diet with a healthy mindset is just as important as the actual foods you consume. Concentrate your mind on all of the delicious, healthy foods that are available to you now that you’ve decided to be a better you.

Reduce Convenience Foods

We understand that time-saving meals are tempting; especially if you have plenty of mouths to feed. The problem is these foods are not the best choice for your health and weight. Instead, choose healthier snacks that help your goals, and not hinder them.

Choose Home-cooked Meals

A super-easy way to reduce your waistline and save money at the same time is to skip the takeout packed with sugar, salt, and fat, and instead choose delicious home-cooked recipes that are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Skip The Starter Or Dessert

A good rule of thumb when having a three-course meal is to avoid having all three courses. Instead, have a main meal, and then either enjoy a starter or dessert. Extra points will be awarded if you have a low-calorie drink with the meal, such as water or a light beverage.

Increase Your Fruit And Vegetable Intake

Everyone knows the importance of fruits and vegetables, so we won’t rehash old advice. Try and aim for 1-2 portions with every meal, that includes breakfast (there’s nothing better than a handful of berries with your first meal of the day!)

Seek Sustainability

We know that diets can be tough. But what’s super important is that you don’t try to follow a crash diet that you cannot stick to after a few weeks. Look for long-term sustainable diets that suit your food preferences, goals, and lifestyle.

Be Wary Of Hidden Calories

Be Wary Of Hidden Calories

Don’t be tempted by the whipped cream-topped lattes at Starbucks, these are full of empty calories. Instead, choose an americano and save nearly 400 calories on your total daily intake.

Don’t Stress About Meals

Sometimes, a function is more important than how fancy a meal looks. Not every recipe you make has to be world-breaking. Pick meals that are healthy, but are also easy to make that don’t take very long to prepare.

Avoid Grocery Shopping When You’re Hungry

Can you smell the freshly cooked pastries in the baked goods section? If you’re shopping on an empty stomach, you’re more likely to buy things that weren’t on your shopping list, and it’s never an extra bag of spinach. Make sure you avoid this pitfall and are fully fueled before hitting Trader Joe’s.

Eat Plenty Of Protein

Pound for pound, the most filling food you can consume is protein. It’s better than carbohydrates, fiber, and fat. Consume a fist-sized portion with every meal, with foods like eggs, fish, poultry, quinoa, and red meat in moderation.

Use Smaller Plates

The problem with sizable plates is that they are very easy to overload with food. Instead, choose smaller plates, which will reduce the total calories of your meals. Not only that, they’ll be easier to store and wash afterward, which is always a bonus!

Be Mindful Of Alcoholic Beverages

Whilst alcoholic drinks are not strictly heavy in calories, they lower inhibitions and cause us to make suboptimal choices with our meals. If you’ve ever felt hungover, you know that healthy foods are not going to be on the menu. Drink alcohol sensibly, or remove the majority of alcohol drinks from your diet.

Celebrate The Victories

Every baby step towards a healthier lifestyle should be celebrated. Every time you reach a milestone on your journey, whether it’s dropping 5 lbs, or dropping a jean size, allow yourself a victory meal of your choosing with the partner or whole family.

Remember, it’s just one meal, and one meal never ruins anyone’s progress.

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