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The main ingredient in salt soup

?The L’air Fooding diet, aka the air diet, comes from the same lovely culture that brought us croissants, French fries and stinky cheese. In case you’re too dense to figure out where that might be, it’s France, you ninny.

The latest fad in weight loss comes from the individual’s imagination, where they only pretend to eat the foods they’re craving. Surrounding themselves with all the decadent meals they can imagine, smelling the aromas and lifting the fork to their mouths is as far as the charade will allow.

In a more hunger-busting development, salt soup is actually allowed for consumption during this strange, stringent plan. The recipe is as follows: salt, water, combine and heat in microwave.

When introduced to American supermodels, they mentioned that in America, we just call it “anorexia” and leave off the salt soup portion of the plan.

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