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7) Aqua Teen Hunger Force

In our haste, we forgot to add the hippest edible food icons from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Master Shake, Meatwad (our favorite, of course) and Frylock are a giant milkshake, hamburger patty and container with French Fries, respectively. These three, often unlovable, characters battle everything from pixelated aliens to their ornery neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski. Consider these three “freaks” – as Carl often refers to them – a worthy number 7 to Wednesday’s list.

8) Flying Spaghetti Monster

This addition belongs to a deity unlike any other; the Flying Spaghetti Monster. When we were first touched by his noodly appendage, we knew Pastafarian would be the one and only true religion for our love of pasta.

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