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The bacon backlash has been brewing for a while, and a large part of it has to do with ridiculous products attempting to capitalize on the Internet’s seemingly universal love of bacon. Once the bacon explosion erupted last year, it seems like everyone has been trying to cash in on the craze, and these 10 items are quite possibly the worst, most unnecessary bacon related products on the market. Even though they might not be dumb enough to make us swear off the cured treat completely, each of these is partially responsible for callously trampling all over a good thing.

10) Bacon Air Freshener


The intoxicating smell of bacon is one of its greatest assets, but without a pan of sizzling strips backing it up, the aroma amounts to little more than a tease. Not only is there no good reason to keep your car smelling like bacon 24/7, but there’s a decent chance you’ll end up with nothing more than an incredibly disappointed passenger.

9) Bacon Band-Aids


While it’s certainly not the worst product on the list, it definitely falls into the category of unnecessary. There’s really no need to use your wound as an opportunity to editorialize about your love of bacon. Band-Aids should be reserved for more grown up things, like superheroes and cartoon characters.

8) Bacon Wallet


Nothing ends a date faster than whipping out your bacon wallet to pick up the tab. It might not be velcro, but it definitely serves as an ugly advertisement to the fact you’ve made at least one bad financial decision in the past few months.

7) Bacon Mints


Anyone whose desire for legitimately fresh breath is trumped by their love of bacon can finally rest easy now that there’s a breath mint that can’t possibly be effective.

6) Bacon Tie


We can’t think of a a scenario formal enough to require a tie but still casual enough to show off your love of bacon. The stupidity of novelty ties in general coupled with this particular tie’s non-existent window of usefulness makes it a pretty much worthless item.

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