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5) The Given

Fast food is a part of American culture and it’s a part of your everyday life. It’s not even worth giving it a second thought. Remember where you were when you found out you had a son? McDonald’s. And what wadded up food wrapper was sitting in the car next to you when you got your first DUI? That’s right. McDonald’s.

What it’s implying:

We don’t even need to try anymore, you pretty much just give us your money. We’ll just say our name and like a Pavlovian dog you’ll start drooling.

6) The Celebrity Endorsement

It’s hard to know who you can trust, but if there’s one group of people who will never let you down it’s celebrities. Even an athlete like Michael Jordan eats at McDonald’s, so there’s really no reason to question whether it’s up to your exceedingly high standards.

What it’s implying:

If a famous person is willing to eat this trash then it’s definitely good enough for your sweat-pants wearing ass.

7) The Value Oriented

It pays to be frugal, and there’s no shame in trying to get the best bang for your buck. These ads go right to the heart of old-fashioned thriftiness and put the exceptional deal you’re getting front and center.

What it’s implying:

You’re cheap, and that’s okay. Sure you might get what you pay for, but since you’re not paying much you’ve got nothing to whine about.

8) The Anti-Commercial

While everyone else is busy advertising, these commercials are sitting back with their feet up on the table and not a care in the world. It’s not pitchy enough be a commercial, and too low budget for its own good, but nevertheless, it desperately wants your approval.

What it’s implying:

You are too cool for simple advertising, and you know it. Why not buck the system and order something from the hip alternative to all those lame fast food places with their fancy ads and inane jingles?

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