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With the recent news that Top Chef Masters will be returning for a second season, and now a press release announcing a desserts-only version of Top Chef, it seems like there’s only one conclusion to be drawn: Top Chef is trying to take over the world. So, with that in mind, here are four other Top Chef creations we’re looking forward to seeing in the coming months.

1) Top Chef: Stoner Munchies

You might as well forget all about those amuse bouche quickfires and molecular gastronomy creations right now. Top Chef: Stoner Munchies isn’t about actually cooking high-quality food, it’s about finding new and exciting ways to mesh various low quality food items. Sample challenges would include creating one super burrito out of several regular sized Taco Bell burritos and constructing the ultimate pizza using only a poorly stocked fridge and a standard Red Baron cheese pizza as your canvas.

2) Top Chef: Hobo Stew


There will be no trips to Whole Foods on this version of Top Chef. For contestants on Top Chef: Hobo Stew, you’re not just operating on a shoestring budget, you’re working with no budget at all. Scavenging is the name of the game, as would-be chefs rummage through dumpsters and canvas the streets looking for items to use in the ultimate hobo stew. Like we always say, if it can’t be cooked over a burning barrel, it’s not worth eating. Season one will be filmed in Detroit.

3) Top Chef: Ramen Masters


Apparently there are 101 ways to make Ramen noodles, and knowing all of them is the only way to prove you’re a true Top Chef Ramen Master. Contestants will compete in a variety of challenges ranging from the straightforward “add some chopped vegetables,” to the dreaded “dry noodle showdown.” It’s the dish that takes 2 minutes to cook and a lifetime to master, and it’s about time the true kings of Ramen are given a chance to earn some recognition.

4) Top Chef: Food on Sticks


From kobe beef to Chilean sea bass, you can serve anything you want as long as it’s on a stick. Top Chef: Food on Sticks rewards the best and the brightest chefs in the business, provided they know how to use a skewer. Challenges will range from building a shish kabob salad to baking the perfect dessert and then putting it on a stick. Sometimes it’s not just about quality, but also about how easily you can eat it on the go.

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