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​In more bacon news you probably didn’t ask for, the very strange site PuttingWeirdThingsInCoffee, has offered up a suggestion for an unholy bacon / coffee combo that pretty much looks like a great way to ruin two good things at once. From what we can tell, the pairing consists almost entirely of taking a piece of bacon and throwing it in a cup of coffee, and the post even concedes that the soggy piece of bacon is pretty much ruined for consumption once it gets drenched with coffee.

Presumably the bacon flavors end up getting soaked into the coffee and it provides your cup o’ joe with a nice edge to it. Even though bacon isn’t exactly sitting at the top of the list of “flavors we’ve been missing from our coffee” it might be worth trying just once, if only for the stupid feeling you can get when everyone stares at the jackass with a piece of bacon in his coffee.

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