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10) Acme Oyster House, New Orleans, LA

The Challenge: Join the “15 Dozen Club” by eating 180 oysters in one sitting.

Result: Adam was successful.

Winner: MAN

11) Salvador Molly’s, Portland, OR

The Challenge: The “Great Balls of Fire” challenge, which consists of eating five habanero chile cheese fritters covered in habanero sauce.

Result: Once again Adam bested another spicy food and had his picture added to the “Wall of Flame.”

Winner: MAN

12) Beth’s Cafe, Seattle, WA


The Challenge: Eat the “Southwestern Exposure” 12-egg omelet, along with a full side of hash browns and toast. The omelet is made up of beef brisket chili, salsa, sour cream, and cheddar cheese and weighs in at an imposing 5 pounds.

Result: With just a couple of bites to go, Adam threw in the towel and was unable to finish the omelet.

Winner: FOOD

13) Orochon Ramen, Los Angeles, CA

The Challenge: Finish a serving of the “Special No. 2,” an incredibly spicy soup made with 10 kinds of chilies in the “Hot Ramen Challenge.”

Result: Adam won the challenge and earned a pic on the Wall of Bravery.

Winner: MAN

14) Crown Candy Kitchen, St. Louis, MO

The Challenge: To drink five 24-ounce malt milkshakes in 30 minutes. (The Malt Milkshake Challenge)

Result: The five milkshakes were split into 15 glasses, and with just 2 left Adam was unable to keep the other 13 glasses down and had to make a run for the bathroom.

Winner: FOOD

15) SmokeEaters Hot Wings, San Jose, CA


The Challenge: To eat 12 hot wings smothered in a habanero chili sauce in under 10 minutes, and then wait an additional 5 minutes before drinking anything.

Result: As has been the case with all spice-related challenges, Adam was once again victorious.

Winner: MAN

16) Jack-n-Grill, Denver, CO

The Challenge: Eat a 7 pound breakfast burrito containing 8 eggs, 1 pound of cheese, 1 pound of green chili, and 1.5 pounds of potatoes.

Result: Adam got about two-thirds of the way through before throwing in the towel.

Winner: FOOD

17) The Roast Grill, North Carolina

The Challenge: To break the restaurant’s record of 16 hot dogs eaten in 50 minutes.

Result: Adam finished the challenge, eating 17 hot dogs in about 30 minutes, and as the record-holder was awarded the right to rename the challenge the “Man v. Food Hot Dog Challenge.”

Winner: MAN

18) Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit & Mario’s Keller Bar, Minneapolis, MN


The Challenge: Eat a one meter Bratwurst and two side dishes.

Result: Adam finished the challenge successfully and was awarded a certificate of completion.

Winner: MAN

Final Score: Man 11, Food 7

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