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Host Adam Richman disposes of a giant sandwich.

You may have already had the opportunity to watch the Travel Channel Series Man vs Food, in which host Adam Richman tackles a different food challenge in each 30-minute show. If you’ve caught any of the episodes you’ll already know the food challenges can range from the impossibly portioned all the way to foods so spicy they should be reserved for only the most masochistic of eaters. However, regardless of the challenge, Adam always seems to put forward an impressive effort, and more often than not is able to claim a victory for man. So, for anyone who thinks they can one up his results, or is just curious about what challenges were knocked down during season one, here are all 18 of the Man vs. Food challenges.

1) The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, TX


The Challenge: Eat a 72 oz steak, with sides (bread roll with butter, potato, ranch beans, shrimp cocktail, and salad) in less than one hour.

Result: Adam completed the challenge in 29 minutes.

Winner: MAN

2) Big Foot Lodge, Memphis, TN

The Challenge: Eat “The Sasquatch Hamburger,” a 7 and a half pound burger consisting of 4 pounds of beef, 1.5 pounds of vegetables, and a 2 pound bun.

Result: Only five people have ever completed the challenge, and sadly, Adam was not one of them.

Winner: FOOD

3) Quaker Steak and Lube, Pittsburgh, PA

The Challenge: Eat 6 “Atomic” chicken wings in a habanero sauce measured at 150,000 Scoville units.

Result: Adam bested the challenge and received a bumper sticker and a picture on the Quaker Steak and Lube Wall of Fame.

Winner: MAN

4) Ohio Deli & Restaurant, Columbus, OH

The Challenge: Eat the 2 and a half pound Dagwood Sandwich, along with a full pound of French Fries in under half an hour.

Result: Adam finished the formidable sandwich (and fries) in approximately 20 minutes.

Winner: MAN

5) Juan in a Million, Austin, TX

The Challenge: Eat 8 of the 3 quarter pound Don Juan El Taco Grande breakfast tacos (made with potato, egg, cheese, and bacon, all wrapped in a tortilla.)

Result: Adam finished 4 and a quarter breakfast tacos, falling substantially short of the goal.

Winner: FOOD

6) Lucky’s Sandwich Company, Chicago, IL


The Challenge: Eat three overstuffed sandwiches stacked with fries inside, in less than one hour.

Result: Adam became just the 11th person to complete the challenge, and earned a picture on the Wall of Fame.

Winner: MAN

7) Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria, Atlanta, GA

The Challenge: Eat a 30-inch, 11-pound Carnivore Challenge Pizza made up of six pounds of crust and sauce plus five pounds of pepperoni, ground beef, Italian sausage, ham, and bacon. Due to the enormity of the pizza, this was a 2 person challenge.

Result: This challenge has never been successfully completed, and despite Adam’s best effort, him and his partner were bested by the Carnivore Challenge.

Winner: FOOD

8) Eagle’s Deli and Restaurant, Boston, MA


The Challenge: Eat a 12-pound burger, which includes 5 pounds of hamburger, 2 pounds of bacon and cheese, 5 pounds of fries, and a giant pickle.

Result: Of the over 1,500 people who have attempted to eat this burger, no one has succeeded. Adam included.

Winner: FOOD

9) Brick Lane Curry House, New York, NY

The Challenge: Eat an order of “the hottest curry in the world.”

Result: Adam was able to power through the curry and finished the challenge, earning a free beer, a certificate of completion, and yet another Wall of Fame pic.

Winner: MAN

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