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When it comes to irrational fears, you can pretty much guarantee that no matter how weird a phobia is, someone, somewhere, is suffering from it. Not only is the fear very real, but the bizarre phobia you can hardly comprehend probably even has a nice scientific sounding name assigned to it. These 10 food related fears range from the exceptionally specific to the borderline insane and we’re dubbing them the craziest food phobias around.

10) Alliumphobia – Fear of garlic


 Although this fear might be linked to halitophobia (fear of bad breath), there’s also a chance it could just be the result of reading way too many vampire novels.

9) Defecaloesiphobia – Fear of painful bowels movements


 Even if it is a more than reasonable fear to hang onto, you can hardly let the possibility of future regret hold you up from enjoying a second helping of four cheese pizza or another round of hot wings.

8) Teniophobia – Fear of tapeworms


 There’s plenty of cause for concern at the thought of a 40 foot parasite living in your digestive tract. Still, is that really a good enough reason to start ordering your meat well done?

7) Oenophobia – Fear of wine

 We’d understand this one if it was a fear of the poor decisions drinking too much wine can lead to, but being afraid of wine itself is just absurd.

6) Acerophobia – Fear of sourness


 Sour patch kids are creepy enough already, and when you add this fear to the mix they become downright terrifying.

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