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On Friday of last week, the Las Vegas Sun featured an article touting the gargantuan six-pound B3 burrito at the Saharas NASCAR Cafe. Like so many food challenges before it, the burrito is free to those who can conquer the beast. Unfortunately, of the 278 people to attempt it, all but 4 have had to pony up $20 in order to cover the hefty price-tag that comes with ordering a two-foot long burrito.

The story chronicles one courageous (or foolish) man who attempts to accomplish what only 4 people have been able to do. Without giving too much away, it ends pretty much the way anyone who’s familiar with statistics would expect, and you can see from the picture below, there’s still a whole lot of burrito left on that plate.

Steve Marcus, Las Vegas Sun
A defeated Steve Miller holds up the triumphant two-thirds of the mighty burrito.

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