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1) This restaurant’s cheeky tagline declares it is “Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined”

a) Buca di Beppo

b) Planet Hollywood

c) Outback Steakhouse

d) Hooters

2) In McDonald’s 1975 Big Mac Song, which of the following items was not listed as a key ingredient?

a) Two all beef patties

b) lettuce

c) ketchup

d) onions

3) This Italian eatery states, “When you’re here, you’re family.”

a) Olive Garden

b) Buca di Beppo

c) Maggiano’s Little Italy

d) Romano’s Macaroni Grill

4) In Wendy’s famous ad campaign from the mid-80s, what was the name of the old woman who demanded to know, “Where’s the beef?”

a) Doris Lamda

b) Joan Burgmin

c) Lucille Bennet

d) Clara Peller

5) This chain’s 2004 ad featuring “Spongmonkeys” produced mixed reactions, and was referred to by the Modern Humorist as “what you see before you die.”

a) Subway

b) Pizza Hut

c) Papa John’s

d) Quiznos

6) This community oriented restaurant features the tagline, “Eatin’ good in the neighborhood.”

a) TGI Friday’s

b) Applebee’s

c) Hooters

d) Red Lobster

7) What fast food restaurant had a huge promotional flop in the mid-80s with “Where’s Herb?”

a) McDonald’s

b) Burger King

c) Wendy’s

d) Burgermaster

8) What fast food restaurant had an advertising campaign centered around the faux rock band, The Meaty Cheesy Boys?

a) Jack in the Box

b) Wendy’s

c) McDonald’s

d) Carl’s Jr

9) In 1997 this pizza chain was sued over its (hard to verify) slogan “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.”

a) Pizza Hut

b) Domino’s

c) Little Caesars

d) Papa John’s

10) What restaurant’s commercial had Paris Hilton saying, “That’s hot,” as she wore a swim suit and sudsed up a Bentley?

a) Jack in the Box

b) Burger King

c) Carl’s Jr

d) Sonic

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