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The long-used Taco Bell slogan, “Why Pay More” would on the surface appear to be a fair question. Responses such as, “I wanted better food,” “I’d prefer not to worry about becoming violently ill,” or even, “Because it’s my money and I’ll spend it how I want,” would all be totally acceptable answers.

However, if you look at the way Taco Bell is positioning their question on marketing materials (like the chicken taco wrapper pictured below) you’ll notice they really don’t want to hear your answer. The question is not only rhetorical, but enthusiastically rhetorical.

Via Imgur

​Far be it from us to play grammar police, but isn’t “Why Pay More” a legitimate query? It’s not like anyone who’s made a “run for the border” can’t rattle off at least one story of regret linked to feasting on cheap Mexican food. Is Taco Bell afraid you’ll actually feel compelled to answer? Are they concerned you’ll realize there are plenty of good reasons to pay more? Or does an exclamation point just look better?

Why isn’t anyone asking these important questions!

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