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Forgive our skepticism, but we’ve been finding it difficult to stomach the new Pizza Hut ads showing how even “real Italians” are fooled by the authentic flavors of the new Tuscani Lasagna. We have a couple theories on what the “Behind the Scenes” filming doesn’t tell us:

1) The meal was probably provided free of charge.
And honestly, who is going to criticize a free meal?

2) Someone had to have encouraged the applause.
Have you ever seen a restaurant spontaneously erupt in applause? I haven’t, and I was even at a buffet where someone performed the Heimlich Maneuver on an elderly man and saved him from certain death.

3) Most likely the lasagna didn’t sit in a hot bag for 45 minutes prior to being served.
Even if we are going to buy the idea that this lasagna is good enough to fool us, we’re not entirely convinced our order isn’t going to sit in the delivery guy’s backseat for an hour while he makes a couple other deliveries and then stops off to buy some scratch tickets at 7-Eleven.

Until we get definitive answers on each of our three hypotheses, we’re boycotting the Tuscani Lasagna, and suggest you do the same.

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