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At Daily Fork, we pride ourselves on being extremely high-brow. That’s why today’s list is all about commercials with farts in them. As counterintuitive as it seems, some marketers have decided selling food and beverages by using bodily noises is clearly the best way to move product (and, as long as they’re selling to a group of 11-year-old boys they might be right.) In fact, as ashamed as we are to admit it, after watching these six flatulent advertisements we’re suddenly craving some Mexican food and a beer…but not the mustard. That’s just gross.

1) Troegs Beer

She’s right, it is natural. But that still doesn’t mean we want to see a model acting like one of the guys by shamelessly deciding to let ‘er rip.

2) Mercado Juarez Cafe

“Our Food Speaks for Itself” isn’t a bad slogan. At least, not until you go out of your way to explain it using fart noises.

3) Budweiser

It looks like someone was feeding the horse a bit too much Beef-a-Reeno.

4) Jamochas Fresh Food Café

Nothing says “fresh food” quite like farting away your food baby into the gentle summer breeze.

5) Heinz Baked Beans

From the Heinz Superbean commercials that aired in the UK comes this lovely ode to the bean’s most notable quality: gas.

6) Grey Poupon

Since Grey Poupon is a classy mustard, it’s shocking they’d reduce the brand to a laughable fart noise and some awkward silent exchanges between a man and his driver. Doesn’t the driver know that rich people don’t fart?

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