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​Scotland’s BrewDog Brewery has come under a bit of controversy lately as a result of their Tokyo Stout, an 18.2% alcohol by volume beer that contains twice the recommended daily limit of alcohol. The company is maintaining that the product’s high quality will help tackle their country’s binge drinking problems, but groups like Alcohol Focus Scotland don’t seem entirely convinced, stating:

This company is completely deluded if they think that an 18.2% abv, (alcohol by volume), beer will help solve Scotland’s alcohol problems. It is utterly irresponsible to bring out a beer which is so strong at a time when Scotland is facing unprecedented levels of alcohol-related health and social harm.

Although BrewDog’s stance that their product is going to help reduce binge drinking is a little bit ridiculous, we’re not quite ready to demonize them just yet. At nearly 10£ per bottle, it’s not as if they’re offering binge drinkers the most cost effective way to get hammered. Plus, maybe it really is a delicious beer. We say, “Leave BrewDog alone!”

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