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?Don’t get me wrong, I love Papa Murphy’s pizza. That being said, I still have a question regarding the use of gloves (or lack of gloves) when making the pizzas.

Because the chain specializes in take and bake, the actual cooking of your pizza rests squarely on your shoulders. Unlike a Pizza Hut or Domino’s that would be expected to provide you with a ready-to-eat product, Papa Murphy’s is in the business of passing along a ready-to-cook product, which led to this amusing exchange while I was in line waiting to pick up my order:

Concerned Customer: Do you not use gloves when you make the pizza?

Unphased Employee: Naww. You cook it hot enough, it kills all the germs.

Now she’s probably right, but there’s something about watching helplessly through a thin panel of glass while your pizza is prepared by the same person who just riffled through the cash drawer that’s a little disconcerting. Add to that a ridiculously long set of green press on nails and suddenly trying to distinguish bits of bell pepper from a lost accessory is like playing a game of Minesweeper.

Surprisingly enough, I’ve heard from several other people that they’ve been told the same thing from various Papa Murphy’s employees. So, I’m wondering, is “cook it hot enough” the actual store policy of Papa Murphy’s, or is it more of an unofficial mantra perpetuated by employees? In either case, does anyone else find this a tad unappetizing?

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