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A New Zealand burger restaurant called Murder Burger is taking the vegetarian battle cry head on, adorning their employees with t-shirts reading “Meat is Murder.” In addition to the cheeky uniforms, the menu takes on a similarly playful tone, with item descriptions ranging from the Super Gourmet Double Beef and Wild Boar Bacon Burger’s anecdote:

“We get our boar from a couple of hunters down the line who have guaranteed us a regular supply, ‘As long as the bloody chopper’s going we can get you all the little bastards you want.’ After looking at the helicopter I can predict our supply will grind to a halt once every three weeks.”

To the simplicity of the Meat Salad’s,

“Don’t tell me there’s any part of you that doesn’t want this.”

Between the shirts and the amusing descriptions, we’re chalking this up as a victory for carnivores the world over.

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