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Quick, name two of the best things in the world. That’s right! Bracketed tournaments and meat! If you chose something else, clearly you differ from about 99% of the population. If however, you agree that it doesn’t get much better than a juicy steak and a single elimination battle royale you’ll love “meat madness.”

In honor of the NCAA Tournament, offered up an article walking readers through a 64 meat tourney that came down to an intense Final Four consisting of Standing Rib Roast, Bacon, Bratwurst, and Chicken Tails (hey, you always need a Cinderella story). And, if reading about a bunch of hypothetical meat showdowns isn’t enough, there’s another tournament being held at where you can participate in meat madness by casting your own vote.

Though both brackets are well worth checking out (did we mention we love brackets?) we were pleasantly surprised to see the number 7 seed ribs bring number 2 seed sausage’s tournament hopes to a screeching halt on Wednesday when it won by a crushing 16 percent margin. Meat madness indeed.

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