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flickr: barisione

​Not surprisingly, McDonald’s quest for world domination has led them to Italy, where they released a new line of sandwiches appropriately named the McItaly. With a vegetarian version boasting an artichoke spread and Asiago cheese, as well as a beefy one with onions and smoked pancetta, McDonald’s is using all Italian ingredients for the new burgers. They’re so good, even the Italian government is endorsing the line of sandwiches (but it also helps that McDonald’s will be using up to 1,000 tons of Italian agriculture per month).

We’re just wondering why they don’t sell them here in the States, because it sounds much better than many of their current offerings. Seriously, McRib was the best you could come up with? We’re ready to move on to better and more European things. Asiago, yes, creepily-processed-meat-in-the-shape-of-ribs, not so much.

*It should be noted, however, that many Italians are pretty pissed about the whole thing being endorsed by their government, and understandably so.

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