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Although plenty has already been written about whether or not “ultra premium” vodka brands like Grey Goose are worth the additional money. A recent article from the New York Times discusses how an increasing number of consumers are purchasing lower price-point vodkas. Brands like Popov, Majorska, and Laird’s are all experiencing growth for the first time in years while the growth of luxury brands has slowed considerably. The economy is being cited as the major contributing factor to this shift, however, the article concluded with a call for consumers to conduct their own blind taste-test.

If you take away Grey Goose’s pretty label and powerful branding, wouldn’t you rather pay $20 to $30 less for something you enjoy drinking just as much? And, if you can actually tell the difference and have a strong preference, you can turn into one of those people who boastfully tells everyone about their “refined palate.” Either way, you’re a winner.

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