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Earlier today we wrote about Bakon Vodka, and its surprisingly strong sales, however, at least one blogger thinks you’d be foolish to spend $30 or more on something you could easily be making yourself. Culinary Cara has written a short post outlining several of the different popular infused vodkas (including bacon) and provided recipes for how to make them. She also includes recipes for pepper, lemon, rosemary, and vanilla flavored vodkas, but we’re a little weary of anyone who says you should save money on overpriced drinks and then sports a picture of Grey Goose on the same post. Surely she’s not suggesting you use a $30 bottle of vodka to make your own infused version that would retail at almost exactly the same price. We’re all for saving money, but when two things cost the same amount we pretty much choose the laziest option every time.

We’re willing to give the benefit of the doubt and assume this was just the best available stock photo for the post. Plus, the recipes do sound might tasty….

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