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Alright, we’ll be the first to concede that although KFC’s grilled chicken might not be the healthiest meal you could eat, it still offers more nutritional value than the fried alternative. However, it seems as if KFC isn’t satisfied with just having a marginal improvement, and they’re doing everything they can to make it look like their grilled chicken is better for you than it actually is.

Behold, the nutritional breakdown from KFC’s own website. Notice the difference in serving size from the original to its corresponding grilled piece. Without fail, the grilled chicken servings are significantly smaller, some by as much as 33 percent.

Why are grilled chicken portions so much smaller?

We’re guessing the lack of breading could account for some of the discrepancy, but it also seems pretty convenient that the smaller serving size allows the grilled chicken to match up much more favorably in a side by side comparison.

Here is the updated chart designed to reflect an identical portion size:

You can see the grilled chicken is still the healthier choice, but the gap is significantly narrowed. It’s absolutely shocking to think that a fast food restaurant would try to manipulate facts for their own gain. Before we know it they’re going to be showing us pictures of food that look nothing like what they actually intend to serve us, and we here at Daily Fork simply will not stand for it.

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