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It appears some clever Frenchman has figured out the secret to free food for life, or at least a couple free meals before being banned from every McDonald’s in the area. This video, brought to our attention about a week ago, shows a man scamming free food from the drive-thru simply by truthfully telling the person at the window he didn’t order anything and doesn’t intend to. Of course, he does eagerly take food from the person at the second window, but in all fairness, he never said it was his.

You have to admit there is a certain honesty to saying “I didn’t order anything, I don’t have any money,” and the whole thing would seem almost dignified if he wasn’t driving off with someone else’s food.

Obviously Daily Fork doesn’t condone these type of shenanigans, and we’re guessing the success rate for a scam like this can’t be very high. However, if anyone out there has actually tried this we’d certainly love to hear your story.

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