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Don’t Be Soggy When You Can Be Flaky




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Egg whites can also be brushed onto the bottom of a pre-baked pie crust. Let it sit for 2 minutes, and then add the filling and bake as usual. The egg whites will help the crust stay flaky instead of soggy from fruit juice in the pie.

In the Beginning…


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In the beginning, you had young and healthy skin. Eggs can be used for your face in many ways. A light film under the eye for 10 or 15 minutes can reduce puffiness. An egg white facial mask can make the pores of your face seem almost invisible: 10 minutes for sensitive and dry skin or 20 minutes for normal to oily skin. The vitamin A in an egg yolk, when used as a facial mask, can help act as an anti-wrinkle formula. The yolk as a facial cleanser prevents skin aging, while the egg white as a cleaner helps smooth the skin.

Odd Eggs?


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Another odd use of an eggshell is as a candle mold. Carefully crack the top off the egg, pour out the contents, then carefully pour in the hot molten candle wax. Add the wick and let cool. When you later crack the shell from the cooled wax, you’ll have a nice oval candle.

Before Coloring Easter Eggs…


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If you place eggshell halves back into the egg carton and fill each with a little soil, you can plant seeds inside the shell. The seeds benefit from the extra nutrients in the eggshells, but will need to be transplanted when the seedlings are about three inches tall. Don’t forget to crush the shell and spread it over the top. It works as a compost and also the sharp edges work as a pest repellent.

The End


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In the end, eggs at Easter are mostly about kids having fun. For best results before coloring, let the egg reach room temperature before boiling. It might not be fun for the egg, but they have many uses other than for cooking. Happy Easter!

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