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Fun Egg Art


?(image credits: blueblots)

As we think of the turkey wanting to run and hide before Thanksgiving, so might the egg before Easter. This collection of fun and clever egg art has nothing to do with Easter egg decorating. The artists drew creative faces on the eggs for your entertainment. However, there are many unusual uses for eggs other than drawing on them for art or decorating them for Easter.

Don’t Pick Me?


?(image credits: blueblots)

If the eggs in these images could talk, they might be saying, “Don’t pick me.” But you might pick up an egg other than for cooking or eating. If you have a minor radiator leak, to keep the car running until you can get to a mechanic, you can pour one egg white into the radiator. Make sure the vehicle has been run, is warmed up, but is shut off before opening the cap. The heat inside the radiator will cook the egg white and block the leak for a temporary fix.

Great Uses For Eggs – Use As Glue


?(image credits: blueblots)

If you are out of white glue, then you can use an egg white as a glue substitute when gluing paper or cardboard. Separate the egg white, then brush onto the light materials that need glued. The protein in the egg will clump together and bind the pieces.

Another Surprising Use For Eggs – Restore Shine To Leather


?(image credits: blueblots)

If you separate the white of 2 eggs into a bowl, then apply it with a dry cloth in circular motions onto leather, it can help restore the shine. The egg whites help moisturize the leather, but no telling what it might smell like after a few days.

Expiring Eggs


?(image credits: funbored)

If your eggs are close to expiration and you don’t plan to use them for cooking, then consider using the egg to make an egg shampoo. Eggs are a natural moisturizer, so if you crack an egg and mix the yolk with a little olive oil and water – voila! You can work it into a lather on damp hair. You only need to leave it on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing clean. This “moisturizing treatment” adds bounce and shine and helps damaged hair look its best.

Behind Closed Refrigerator Doors…


?(image credits: funbored)

Behind your closed refrigerator door, those eggs that you will cook also work as a great compost for your indoor and outdoor plants. Crush the calcium-rich shells to help them break down faster and sprinkle over soil as compost. If you have leftover beaten egg, then that can be applied to indoor plant leaves to make them shiny and strong. If you boiled your eggs, be sure to let the water cool first, but don’t throw it out. Use the nutrient-rich leftover water to water your plants.

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