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?At Daily Fork, we’re all for trying to do our part to save the environment. However, there’s a fine line between being environmentally conscious and ridiculously impractical. Take for example, the recent article in Daily Express discussing the possibility of using edible bread plates rather than more traditional dinnerware. We have a hard time believing that after already consuming a meal there’s a strong majority of people out there who have enough remaining appetite (or little enough shame) to want to devour their plate.

Unless you’re serving up chowder in a bread bowl, there’s really no need for edible dishes. There’s a reason trenchers went out of style, and in all honesty, we haven’t heard a lot of people whining about how much they’re missed. When it comes to plates, maybe we should just leave well enough alone and work on perfecting the full meal bubblegum from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory instead.

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