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4) Sour Apple Pucker


Just like 99 Bananas but with less than half the alcohol, Apple Pucker and the other candy flavored Schnapps were the other liquor party staples. Not surprisingly, once you realized the joys of actually mixing a real drink, these turned into ingredients rather than the actual beverage.

3) Carlo Rossi

The Rossi challenge is like a rite of passage. Drink the jug, sign the bottle, and immediately regret your horrible decision. Many attempt it, few succeed, fewer attempt it twice. If this wine isn’t enough to turn you off of drinking permanently, it will at least inspire you to shell out a few extra bucks for a box of Franzia.

2) Boone’s Farm


There’s not much you can say about Boone’s Farm, but this quote from their website sums it up nicely, “If you are Boone’s Farm drinker (sic), Strawberry Hill was probably your first love and you’ll never forget her.” Sure, you’ll move on and go about your life without her, but you’ll always remember the special times you had.

1) Bartles & James


If scientists were specifically tasked with creating the perfect bridge between Capri Suns and alcohol they’d probably just go buy a six pack of Bartles & James. Allegedly it’s a wine cooler, but because it had more in common with fruit punch, Kool-Aid, and all the other beverages you’d been drinking your whole life, it was the ideal gateway drug for what would eventually become a crippling alcohol addiction.

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