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Under the right circumstances, savoring a single-malt Scotch or sipping a beautifully complex wine can be a truly special experience. Unfortunately, sometimes the finer points of alcohol appreciation can be slightly tainted by the strong desire to “get hammered.” And, nowhere is this more prevalent than among the underage drinking crowd. While Daily Fork obviously does not condone underage drinking (or breaking any law, for that matter), we did think it would be fun to take a nice look back at some of the drinks most people tend to outgrow as soon as they pin an Animal House poster up in their dorm. With that in mind, here are 9 drinks you probably haven’t had since high school. Or, at the very least, not since Freshman year of college…

9) Mike’s Hard Lemonade


Even though it still seems to be a marginally accepted beverage at baseball games and other sporting events, once you put on your cap and gown the days of tossing back a cold Mike’s are pretty much over. Much like a learner’s permit or over the shirt fondling, it’s only a gateway to bigger and better things.

8) Hornsby’s Hard Cider


The big brother to Mike’s Hard Lemonade and the other non-beer staple at pretty much every underage party, Hornsby’s starts to outlast its usefulness once you realize there’s more to beer than Ice House and Tecate. After about 18 years of age, it becomes considerably more difficult to berate other people for drinking a wussy drink while you’re holding a hard cider in your hand.

7) Smirnoff Ice


When getting a friend to run to the liquor store was out of the question, you’d happily settle for a 12 pack of Smirnoff Ice. Unfortunately, you’ve since learned that just because it has a well-known vodka brand in the name doesn’t mean it’s a “grown up drink.”

6) Zima


We’re not sure there was ever a window where this drink was cool, but miraculously there was a bucket of ice with a few Zima stragglers hanging on at the end of every party. And, when all else fails, you drink what’s in front of you. Unfortunately, or perhaps thankfully, Zima is no longer available in the U.S.

5) 99 Bananas

It’s booze that’s accessible to people who don’t drink and absolutely repugnant to people who do. Right alongside 99 Berries, this alcohol was a staple shot for anyone looking to prove their worth without having to put up with “that burning alcohol taste.”

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