The amount of bad press Domino’s got over the idiotic (and highly unsanitary) behavior of two employees kind of makes you feel sorry for them. After all, in a company with 125,000 employees it’s pretty rough to be judged on the behavior of a few bad apples. And, it’s just as ridiculous to think that any hiring process could possibly weed out every potential idiot.

It’s nice to see the swiftness with which Domino’s has come out and issued an apology, and to see just how serious they’re taking this incident. Obviously part of the response has to do with simply running damage control and trying to minimize the impact this is going to have on their bottom line. However, given the circumstances, it’s hard to imagine that they could have handled this situation any better.

After all, this type of thing could easily happen at pretty much any restaurant chain. Domino’s was just the unlucky one that ended up in the spotlight.

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