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The new Denny’s All Nighter commercial is shamelessly (and smartly) targeting the one core group of customers you’re likely to find in a Denny’s at 3:00 am, stoners. By featuring a talking t-rex, a stoned unicorn, and a sarcastic leprechaun, Denny’s has achieved a tic-tac-toe of advertising absurdity…but somehow it manages to work. Even though the commercial makes almost no sense (how does the t-rex eat his pancakes with those tiny little arms?), it doesn’t really matter one bit. Denny’s seems to be onto something here, and when you’re getting well reasoned YouTube comments like, “damn this is the best comercial ever! just like the unicorn and t-rex, i love to get supa stoned and go to Dennys …” you know you’re doing something right.

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