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Halloween is just a couple weeks away, and if you’re planning a party there’s one key ingredient you’re going to need: cake. Okay, maybe you don’t need a cake, but if you are planning on serving dessert at your Halloween bash, you might as well make it memorable. With that in mind, here are 13 delightfully spooky Halloween cakes you can use for inspiration.

1) Zombie Cake

Flickr: zcakes07


2) Spider Cake

Flickr: Andy Davy


3) Dead Bird Cake

Via DamnCoolPics


4) Friday the 13th Cake

Flickr: zcakes07


5) Eyeball Soup

Flickr: schmish


6) Dismemberment Cake

Via Funlobby


7) Ghost Cupcake

Flickr: jilldoughtie


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