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“Please don’t skin and cook me in front of children. Kthxbai.”

While filming a new series titled Sarah Wiener und die K├╝chenkinder, Austrian celebrity chef Sarah Wiener decided to impress her audience by demonstrating how to cook a rabbit. The only problem was, she decided to start at the very beginning of the process, and shocked, killed, skinned, and cooked a rabbit in front of an audience comprised of 12- to 15-year-old children. According to Deutsche Welle, one child was quoted as saying, “It was a horrific sight,” and another said, “”It really hurt me to see this.” However, on the bright side of things they also report that witnessing the process did not impede any of the children from sampling the rabbit dish Ms. Wiener cooked up for them. Hopefully the abundance of flavor in the meat will help compensate for the visions that will forever haunt these children’s dreams.

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