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?Crane games aren’t just for stuffed animals and candy no one wants anymore, now you can score yourself a legit seafood dinner. And, since nothing says “classy” like cooking up vending machine lobster, why not plunk down your hard earned money for a chance to win something you’d normally have to purchase at market price?

When Gordon Ramsay suggested that a casual seafood restaurant install a lobster crane game in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares a while back, it seemed a bit too gimmicky to ever catch on. But, maybe I was a tad hasty in my judgment. I mean, would it really taint your opinion of Red Lobster if they suddenly started offering you an opportunity to compliment those delicious cheese biscuits (the one highlight) with a lobster won fresh from their crane game? It’s not like they’re winning any awards for fine dining anyway, so why not have a bit of fun?

I’m curious how much money these machines actually earn, seeing as how it’s hard enough to win something that doesn’t squirm around whenever you try to uproot it from a tank. Has anyone actually participated in a lobster crane game? And, if so, how much money did you shell out before heading back to your table and ordering off the menu?

These are important questions, and they demand answers.

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