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I didn’t actually think I cared until it was presented to me in quiz form, but suddenly I found myself racking my brain for the 8 slightly less obvious carbonated beverages to round out the top 10. It’s not as if the quiz is particularly difficult, but after finishing with a meager 6 out of 10, I’m ready to call shenanigans on the way the quiz was structured. You can take the quiz here, or go directly to the jump to hear me bitch and moan about how it’s just not fair.

The answers were as follows:

1) Coke
2) Pepsi
3) Diet Coke
4) Mountain Dew
5) Dr. Pepper
6) Diet Pepsi
7) Sprite
8) Fanta
9) Diet Mountain Dew
10) Diet Dr. Pepper

Just for fun, I’ve bolded and italicized the four I missed. Notice anything similar? It’s all the diet versions of sodas that I’d already correctly named. I cry “Foul!”

Diet Pepsi might not be the same thing as Pepsi, but when you take a poll of the most popular soft drinks, you can’t start making allowances for every tiny difference. Maybe I’m just bitter because I hate doing poorly in meaningless quizzes, or maybe I’m a little sad that all those diet sodas bumped RC Cola out of the top 10, but either way this quiz left a bitter taste in my mouth: the bitter taste you can only get from something with too much artificial sweetener.

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