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Because kids love Sir Mix-A-Lot and parents can’t get enough of that charming Square Pants fellow (or maybe it’s the other way around), Burger King appears to have enlisted both of them to make everyone as uncomfortable as possible. The odd combination, along with the always creepy King mascot make this one of the most insanely disjointed commercials in recent memory. Fortunately we were so mesmerized by the familiar music and booty shaking that it didn’t really seem to matter.

At first it might seem like this is wildly inappropriate for kids, but astute viewers should eventually come to the conclusion that the one demographic with an overlapping love of SpongeBob, Burger King, and one-hit wonders is stoners. And, we’re assuming this commercial is a private gift from Burger King directly to the entire pot-smoking community. Unfortunately, the rest of us are left suffering from a contact high.

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