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Dear Sonic Drive-In,

You win! You’ve sold me. Your commercials have worked like a charm and I want nothing more than to visit any of your many locations and indulge in one of those heavenly looking milkshakes. But you know what? I can’t. Because your closest location is over 100 miles away.

You keep taunting me with ad after ad where people banter back and forth while your food sits in their laps being taken for granted. I promise, if I’m ever lucky enough to make it to one of your locations there will be absolutely no talking until I’m washing down my second burger with an Oreo shake.

I know your advertising is probably national, but it seems like I can’t watch anything without seeing one of your commercials. You are pretty much owning the Seattle market, and you don’t have any locations even remotely nearby. If you’re doing this to create anticipation for when a location finally arrives, then well played Sonic. And if you’re doing this so I’ll be more likely to visit you when I’m on a cross country road trip–then again–kudos to you. But sometimes I get the impression you’re only doing this to hurt me, and Sonic, that is just not fair.

So please, I implore you, open a location somewhere within a 25 mile radius of Seattle and I promise I’ll be first in line.


A Future Loyal Customer

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