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At one time or another almost all of us have felt invisible in a bar. Standing there, lost in a mob of people, while we wait patiently to be acknowledged so we can finally place our drink order. As the minutes tick by, most of us have probably joked to friends about how we wish we could just walk back behind the bar and grab our own drink. Hell, it would save the bartender a bit of time, and we could get back to sitting in the corner feeling vaguely uncomfortable.

Well, a bar in Amsterdam has finally embraced the idea of do-it-yourself drink getting, and offers customers the opportunity to just go grab what they want and bring it back to the table. It’s called MiNiBAR, and upon entering, patrons are greeted by a concierge who provides them with a key to a fully stocked mini-bar that includes “classics like beer, wine and spirits, as well as a few surprises.” We’re not sure what the surprises are, but from looking at the menu it appears there’s a healthy assortment of different options available.

And, the best part is the prices seem to be more inline with reality than any hotel mini-bar we’ve ever come across. It’ll be interesting to see if this concept has any legs to it, or if it’s just an amusing gimmick that quickly falls by the wayside.

This could all be yours…

Look how happy they are.

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