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5. Show off your grill skills

Not many girls are experts at the grill, so take command and show your date that you’ve got mad grill skills. Bonus points are awarded if you can learn how to determine a meat’s doneness without cutting into it–sawing into a piece of beef to see whether it’ll kill your date doesn’t exactly scream “impressive.” Go above and beyond meat, too–grill vegetables, pizza, pineapples, whatever you can to show off your creative side.

6. Have an “act like a kid” menu

It’s always fun to plan a date that has a theme, and nothing drums up more loving nostalgia than childhood. Plan an “Act Like a Kid Day” and craft a menu that is cute and endearing, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crusts cut off, cold chocolate milk, apple slices, and homemade Rice Krispee treats. Create hand-drawn placemats and write your date’s name on hers (with a few backwards letters, natch). She’ll think you’re adorable, fun, and playful.

7. Learn a signature dish and perfect it

This will take a bit of effort, but nothing’s sexier than a guy who can whip up a signature dish with the greatest of ease. Find a decent recipe and learn how to make it flawlessly. Whether you’re whipping up chicken marsala, seared scallops, or even a kick-ass salad, memorize each ingredient and throw it together for your date. Not only will she be impressed by how easy and effortlessly you make it look, she’ll be blown away that you have the ability to cook something delicious.

8. Show off your sweet side

Most girls have a sweet tooth to some degree, so keep that in mind when dining with your date. If you’re out at a restaurant, have her pick a dessert to share. If you’re walking about town, find an ice cream parlor and get ice cream cones. If she’s at your place, have some sorbet and dessert wine on hand just in case. There’s no need to overdo it with a “Gotta Have It” Coldstone concoction–just show her that you have a sweet side, too.

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